Why volunteer at the Niagara Sexual Assault Centre?

Because you want to contribute to a cause, to a person, to your community.

Be part of a team that offers support and assistance to survivors, family and friends who have been impacted by sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Our centre would not be able to carry out the work we do without the assistance of our incredible team of volunteers. Volunteers contribute over 7,000 hours per year to those we serve in Niagara.

Becoming a Volunteer

We offer a comprehensive training for our volunteers, which covers topics including, but not limited to, consent, child sexual abuse, male sexual abuse, rape, rape drugs, sexual harassment, myths, self-harm, PTSD, trauma, crisis intervention, communication strategies, medical and legal information and community resources.

**Please note that COVID-19 has impacted our Volunteer program and some areas may not be available. 

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There are various types of volunteer opportunities here at Niagara SAC. Is there a particular type of work or experience you are interested in?
Volunteers are asked to make a one-year committment to the Centre. Can you see yourself doing this if training is successful?
Do you consider yourself a feminist?
Do you consider yourself to be pro-choice?
Do you consider yourself to be anti-oppression?
Niagara SAC is a feminist, anti-opression, pro-choice organization. If you became a volunteer here, you would need to be comfortable representing yourself as such. Would you be?
Niagara SAC strives to be accessible to all women, men, and other identified. Are you willing to commit to, support, and work within this philosophy?
Do you feel comfortable about answering some general question about your own possible experiences of sexual violence?